Primeras impresiones de Perfect Legend sobre DoA 5

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Primeras impresiones de Perfect Legend sobre DoA 5

Mensaje por WiZzYx el Miér 26 Sep 2012 - 19:18

El conocido Pro Player norteamericano, Carl "Perfect Legend" White, comparte las primeras impresiones que tuvo acerca de Dead or Alive 5. Básicamente lo elogió en varios aspectos, y hasta se animó a considerarlo el mejor juego de pelea en 10 años.
I will post a long post on what I think of the game but I just want to make a quick statement for those getting into the game and of course those who have bashed the game in the past:

This is not the same game you have played. Let me go over key changes that have been made from DOA4 to DOA5.

1. .>>>>Hold damage<<<< this is something EVERYONE complains about well let me tell you the damage has been decreased significantly. DOA4 introduced different hold damage for when you are put into critical stun so when you are stunned your holds will deal less damage but when you are not stunned the damage isn't decreased.

Here are the damage rates for a Hi Counter, Counter and Normal hold outside of stun for Hayabusa's punch hold which is the most damaging hold in DOA4 and DOA5.

- normal 75pts
- counter 93pts
- hi counter 112pts

The difference here is that Hi Counter Hold is in DOA4 it is a 1-4 frame window but in DOA5 it is a 1-2 frame window so you are more than likely going to get a Counter hold from a hold because of the timing difference. So in other words to get hi counter damage you really need to be even more precise. In DOA4 you had a lot more leeway for a Hi Counter Hold.

Now during stun the damage for an izuna is in DOA5.
- normal 60pts
- counter 75pts
- hi counter 90pts

Also keep in mind for you to pull off an Izuna punch hold they have changed the command from single direction to double direction making Izuna an advanced hold. Let me show you the damage on Hayabusa's regular punch holds.

Outside of Critical:
- normal 50 pts
- counter 62 pts
- hi counter 75 pts

Inside of Critical:
- normal 40 pts
- counter 50 pts
- hi counter 60 pts

This change is too great. When you get held now its basically a slap on the wrist and if they want to deal real damage they have to really time their hold and on top of that make an almost perfect read which is hard with the gameplay speed of DOA. Also the hold recovery has been nerfed while you are in stun as well so even when someone holds at the first possible frame that they can hold you can easily hit them with your most damaging throw. There are also stuns in the game which cannot be escaped via hold and some that can't be escaped via hold or slow escape! Mostly sit down stuns. Example hayabusa's 214P guarantees a 33p.

2, Sidestep: Sidestep is such a game changer in DOA especially since it works just like VF and the fact that there are moves that track as well and a lot of linear moves you can't really abuse any strategies because of that. Also keep in mind most of the tracking moves are either High or Low so they can be high crushed, fuzzy guarded, guarded or defensive held.

For example Hayabusa's 6pk the 2nd hit is high. You can fuzzy guard, do a instant high crush (example hitomi's 1p), guard or Hold the punch. You can't sidestep the kick because it is in fact a tracking attack.

3. High crushes have been toned down significantly no longer does Helena's p+k or Hayabusa's 3p+k crush instantly it takes time for these attacks to get into their crushing frames. Instead you have to use 2f+k type sweeps to duck highs and you don't have to worry about your mid's getting ducked as much either because of this change making a lot of characters more viable and players will have to really know their options instead of cancelling out 1-2 options with one read. This game is very solid. Nothing is more rewarding then properly crouching an attack or sidestepping one to stop someones offense or stay on offense.

4. Wall game is really good you can no longer hold off of the wall so when someone is wall splatted you get a free combo but not a free launcher and then a combo so they balanced it out well.

5. There are only 2 get up kicks in this game like DOA2 and DOA3. No more high get up kick just mid and low. However they made the mid get up kick hit kind of on a high/mid hit box level so its more difficult to jump over the mid get up kick which is good too and they also decreased the range on get up kicks as well.

6. Training mode is so good! It tells you the frame data of every attack and every situation. Record mode is perfect and lets you record for really long and it also allows you to set the computer to hold the fastest out of a critical stun or slow escape the fastest or the slowest.

This game in my honest opinion is the best fighting game to have released in the past 10 years (ironically DOA3.1 was released 10 years ago.)

I hope you all get into it and play it because you will enjoy it! I will be posting tutorials, match videos etc so make sure you stay tuned and follow me on twitter/facebook/youtube/twitch.

twitter: @perfectlegend
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